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Optimal support

We provide the best personal assistance with individual, additional training and job application coaching.

Best job opportunities worldwide

Including a vocational qualification from Germany, approved by the state.

From the heart

Committed trainers advise and support you with experience, knowledge and warmth – before, during and after the apprenticeship.


We are a private educational institution with nine facilities in Germany. We offer high-quality apprenticeships, retrainings and further education in care, health and social affairs. Our apprentices achieve approved, vocational qualifications, which provide a job as a highly-qualified professional in Germany and abroad.

How do WBS SCHULEN support me?

We won’t leave you on your own. In our company you will always find a competent adviser to help you with all problems which may appear such as becoming familiar with the German culture, helping with bureaucratic procedures, setting up a bank account or finding a flat.

Apprenticeship Elderly Care

Interested in an apprenticeship in elderly care in Germany? Then WBS SCHULEN is your best choice!

The share of old people in the total population of Germany is steadily increasing. In accordance, there is a great need of geriatric nurses today and looking towards the future. We want to counteract this lack of professionals with our apprentices – especially abroad. There are not enough German apprentices in elderly care, so we focus on young people abroad who are interested to work with the elderly.

We train you to become a professional in Healthcare. The vocational qualification, approved by the German state, guarantees you employment in Germany with a better salary as an assistant nurse.

How ist the apprenticeship set up?

The apprenticeship focuses on the combination of theory and practice. You do the theoretical part of the apprenticeship in our school. The practical part takes place in an institution for elderly care. This has the advantage of applying your knowledge directly and working independently after successful vocational qualification.

How long does the apprenticeship take?

The apprenticeship takes three years.

How much do I earn during the apprenticeship?

You get a monthly training allowance, which will increase every year.

  1. Year: approx. 800 € net / 950 € gross*
  2. Year: approx. 830 € net / 1.000 € gross*
  3. Year: approx. 870 € net / 1.100 € gross*

* The amount of remuneration depends on the Healthcare institution of the apprentice.

What abilities should I bring with me?

  • Motivation to work with elderly people
  • Level of education which is recognised as Realschulabschluss
  • First experiences in Healthcare are preferable.

Which carrier opportunities do I have?

After successful vocational qualification you can work as geriatric nurse in Germany and abroad. You will have a wide range of further education opportunities, e.g. as facility or nursing manager (to lead and supervise an institution) or as a mentor (to support apprentices during the training). After the apprenticeship you can continue with a degree in Healthcare.

How do I learn German?

We offer you a language training during your apprenticeship, to learn the German language really quickly. Furthermore, you will have a lot of contact with your fellow German pupils, as well as having the opportunity to talk German in the elderly care facility.